HP's Z8 Fury workstation receives CGW Silver Edge Award (NAB 2023)
May 10, 2023

HP's Z8 Fury workstation receives CGW Silver Edge Award (NAB 2023)

CGW has officially announced HP's Z8 Fury workstation as a recipient of the CGW Silver Edge Award (NAB 2023). 
Selected by CGW's editorial team, the annual Silver Edge Awards recognize the most innovative and impressive technologies on display at the NAB Show. These best-of-show selections demonstrate remarkable advancements in the field of computer graphics.

About HP's Z8 Fury workstation

Z by HP's new Z8 Fury workstation is extreme. With cutting-edge single socket technology enabling 56 cores in just a single Intel Xeon w9 processor, Z8 Fury can speed up compute-heavy tasks across VFX and data science. But it’s more than just advanced processing power that makes the Z8 Fury extraordinary. Adopting a single processor compute architecture enabled a design that purposefully balances the powerful CPU performance with extreme GPU performance. Why is that important? Because the compute environment has changed dramatically with CPU and GPU compute now equally important.

Specifically, data scientists, creative professionals, product developers, architects and engineers have ever-growing data processing and compute requirements across their high-end workflows coupled with a need to create and iterate faster. With the extreme performance of the Z8 Fury workstation across both processor and graphics, media and entertainment pros can seamlessly build environments and render in real time, and drive render nodes in virtual production studios for in-camera VFX on an LED stage. Data scientists can train models faster and with more iterations or analyze data in real time for more accurate insights.

Because a machine built with both a powerful CPU and four high-end GPUs has not previously been broadly available commercially, pros in both fields, but particularly in media and entertainment/VFX, had to build their own high-power compute workstations. Using the new Intel Xeon w9 processor with 56 cores in just a single CPU, space is freed up to enable four double-wide GPUs in the same workstation. Z by HP now delivers this capability out of the box in the Z8 Fury. And, when combined with HP Anyware software and the new HP Anyware Remote System Controller for out-of-band management, the extreme performance of Z by HP workstations can be accessed and managed remotely, essential in the age of work-from-anywhere.

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