GhostFrame’s Virtual Production Toolkit receives CGW Silver Edge Award (NAB 2023)
May 10, 2023

GhostFrame’s Virtual Production Toolkit receives CGW Silver Edge Award (NAB 2023)

CGW has officially announced GhostFrame’s Virtual Production Toolkit as a recipient of the CGW Silver Edge Award (NAB 2023). 
Selected by CGW's editorial team, the annual Silver Edge Awards recognize the most innovative and impressive technologies on display at the NAB Show. These best-of-show selections demonstrate remarkable advancements in the field of computer graphics.

About GhostFrame’s Virtual Production Toolkit 

GhostFrame’s powerful suite of features for virtual production and XR stages makes it possible to simultaneously capture multiple independent images on camera while the human eye sees only one. 
This unique technology combines hidden chroma key compositing, hidden tracking, and multiple source video feeds into a single production frame. The creative team then chooses which elements are visible to the human eye and which are visible only to the camera.

Multiple hidden dynamic content feeds can be played out, allowing the camera to capture each of the desired content frames while remaining comfortable for on set actors and crew. The content-agnostic and flexible solution unlocks unlimited creativity without the need for additional hardware or losing processing and pixel capacity, all in a zero-latency environment.

“Even a couple of years ago, virtual production was raw, but now the technology ecosystem has matured, and the market is ready to go to the next stage,” states Ghostframe CEO Peter Angell. “Using GhostFrame to create multiple, hidden sources in one video feed to an LED volume gives production teams the freedom to operate without restrictions. Our technology will reduce installation and production time and allow for real-time post-production with free positioning and camera movement. Most importantly, GhostFrame enables filmmakers, broadcasters, and live event producers to exploit the possibility of having multiple realities on an LED wall at the same time, including green screen, camera tracking patterns, and more.”

GhostFrame’s production toolkit offers a host of opportunities to the broadcasting industry. Different audiences are fed the same footage with alternative backgrounds, opening up opportunities to reach a far wider audience demographic without timely post-production work.

“When filming, the talent is able to – in real time – interact with cues, instructions or images on the LED wall that the viewer is unable to see. With GhostFrame nothing is impossible; multiple images can be conjured in one frame – the possibilities are limited only by your imagination,” concludes Angell.

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