Impossible Objects taps Unreal Engine to deliver real-time results for new Toyota campaign
October 27, 2022

Impossible Objects taps Unreal Engine to deliver real-time results for new Toyota campaign

Virtual production specialists Impossible Objects recently completed “The Chase” and “Something Real,” two spots in a new campaign for the Toyota Supra via Intertrend / Saatchi & Saatchi, leveraging game development technology for real-time photoreal CG. The campaign was produced by Lockt Editorial, in partnership with Impossible Objects, and was directed by Impossible Objects Director, Miles Cable.
“Once we convinced the agency to take the leap into virtual production, they were amazed at how fast we could visualize the spot. Working virtually with our cityscape environment, when the car was lit and its textures were roughly in place in Unreal Engine, we were able to share cuts and make edits in real time,” said Cable. “Then with the animation and camera moves in place, the client was able to iterate on the spots as they were very close to final. This is worlds away from the grayscale and wireframes that they’re used to reviewing in conventional CG and heavy VFX productions.”
Both spots are almost entirely CG, featuring high performance street racing and chase scenes that would have been impossible to shoot on busy city streets and highways given the commercial budget and timeline. The live action elements of the spots include car interiors and shots of the drivers. The Impossible Objects team used Epic Games’ Unreal Engine to generate background plates for live action composites of the driver. Using virtual production allowed the team to work on pre-visualization, production and editorial simultaneously, giving the client a clear vision of how the spot was progressing and what the finals would look like. Check out the behind-the-scenes video for a breakdown of the process:
All iterations of the spots including the lighting pass were done in Unreal Engine; Maya was used to prep and rig the cars that originated as high-fidelity files. For the final render, the team used Path Tracing to render out of Unreal powered by NVIDIA RTX A6000 and A4500 graphics cards, delivering much higher quality and a huge workflow advantage. The Unreal renders were handed off to Lockt who added particle effects including smoke, lens flares and rain in Nuke and Houdini.
Learn more about Impossible Objects:
Virtual Production Company: Impossible Objects 
Executive Producers: Joe Sill, Jerad Anderson
Director: Miles Cable
Producer: Nick Erickson
Virtual Production + CG Supervisor: Luc Delamare
Lead Cinematic Animator: Miles Cable 
Lighting TD: Kevin Stewart
Vehicle TD: Jonathan Yomayuza
Environments Lead: Javi Flick
Environments Artist: Rodrigo Castro
Produced by: Lockt Editorial in partnership with Impossible Objects