<i>Legacy of the Mandalorian</i>: Elevating fan films with virtual production technology
November 9, 2022

Legacy of the Mandalorian: Elevating fan films with virtual production technology

Jetstreak Ink, the group of creative storytellers exploring new ways of telling stories, has worked with ARwall, the award-winning XR technology company, on the ambitious fan film Legacy of the Mandalorian, the last installment of its trilogy.  
Securing access to the same tools and technology used for The Mandalorian was a game changer for Jetstreak Ink, and they benefited from true interactive lighting within different virtual environments thanks to the support and virtual production technology provided by ARwall.  
Watch the Legacy of the Mandalorian trailer: https://youtu.be/9HgjqGj_sK4

Legacy of the Mandalorian director Timothy Ryan Lahr commented, “The ability to go to certain places and use these sets has just been nothing but amazing. It helps with the writing process and the creative process to be able to go to your producer or writer and be like 'Can you do this? Can we go there?' And it’s readily available to you.” 
A newly released behind-the-scenes film takes viewers on set, providing a closer look into how ARwall’s technology has been used in-camera to create new custom scenes and environments, including dynamic backgrounds emitting real interactive lighting. 
Watch the Legacy of the Mandalorian behind-the-scenes film: https://youtu.be/hivwac-6vHA

ARwall’s virtual production supervisor and virtual production technician utilized the ARFX Pro plugin, an on-set solution that consolidates all virtual production settings from Unreal Engine’s Editor into one place, without coding or programming.  
Filmed on ARwall’s 20 x 11.5ft x 1.5mm XR backdrop, the production team took the opportunity to test some of the new features and capabilities of the ARFX Pro plugin for better color management, on-set workflows, and tracking stability; to great success. As a result, ARwall expanded the menu of the ARFX Pro plugin, offering more detailed options in Unreal Engine’s Play mode and eliminating any need to go back and forth with tiny adjustments or changes.  

Fan films are rarely afforded the capabilities that the Jetstreak Ink team had on-set. With the help of ARwall, Jetstreak Ink proved that virtual production tools have the capacity to be used on any production, no matter the scale.  
Jetstreak Ink’s behind-the-scenes content illustrates exactly what ARwall’s cutting-edge technology brings to the table and provides a real-world, first-hand glimpse into how it can be utilized, not only across large-scale filmmaking but also in developing independent short-form projects too. 
To learn more about the tools utilized on Legacy of the Mandalorian, visit ARwall at https://store.arwall.co 
Legacy of the Mandalorian is set to be released in early 2023.