Taiya Is InstaFamous
Marc Loftus
July 24, 2020

Taiya Is InstaFamous

NEW YORK CITY — Taiya’s new music video combines Apple iPhone footage with 3D elements created in Autodesk Maya. Directed by @CeoQDisney, the InstaFamous video features footage of Taiya, captured on her iPhone at home, along with iPhone footage of Souljaboy, shot in his home studio, and video of Jbar in his Atlanta studio. 
Video elements appear in a vertical format and were composited into 3D animated iPhones, which move to the music, showing off the track’s different contributors. Additional 3D elements, such as luxury SUVs, fill the background.

According to @CeoQDisney, who also edited the piece, as well as created its visual effects, the project came together in Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and Maya.

“In Maya, I built and sculpted 3D models of iPhones, and projected the footage from each artist onto the screens using a handful of different animation techniques.”