ODDKO's 'D4TM' Music Video Goes Apocalyptic
Marc Loftus

ODDKO's 'D4TM' Music Video Goes Apocalyptic

MARINA DEL REY, CA — Production and post company Void N’ Disorder recently worked on ODDKO’s new music video for D4TM. The post-apocalyptic visuals are straight out of a George Miller film, reflecting a dystopian story about the struggles to stay healthy and authoritarian population control.
ODDKO is the brainchild of Void N’ Disorder director/creative director Giovanni Bucci, who both composed the music and directed the video. The track is off the band’s five-song EP “Digital Gods,” which debuted on June 15 — the same day as the video. In addition to Bucci, who provides lead vocals, ODDKO consists of Francesco Paoli (drums), Gideon “Obsidian” Garcia (guitar) and Dave Tavanti (bass).
D4TM is set in a dry, baron wasteland, where half-track, hot-rodded cars and motorcycles rule the land. A “doctor” controls the population through an addictive medication – that is until a giant arrives to liberate the people.

In addition to directing the 3:30 video, Bucci also edited the piece, which incorporates practical and digital VFX, drone footage and miniatures. Void N’ Disorder’s Paola Rocchetti served as executive producer and provided graphic design.

Michael Pescasio acted as cinematographer, with Francesco Pennìca, Jacob Alvarado and Bucci acting as second DPs. The project was shot using a combination of Red Dragon, Canon C300 Mark II and Sony Alpha a7S II cameras, along with Canon Cinema Prime and regular EF lenses. Post tools included Adobe After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop and Illustrator software, as well as Foundry’s Nuke, Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve and Avid’s Pro Tools.

Green screen VFX scenes were filmed at Strani Rumori Studio, and the drum performance footage was shot on a green screen at Studio Teclas. Uygar Gurkan handled rotoscoping and Bucci created 3D elements. Colorist Gabe Sanchez helped give the D4TM video its ashen tone.