Framestore Makes Christmas Campaign Magical
November 3, 2020

Framestore Makes Christmas Campaign Magical

Framestore was able to take a LiDAR scan of the impressively-constructed physical sets, the information from which was used to replicate the sets’ textures and styles to create the digital extension that complemented the fantastical look and feel achieved by Rouse’s in-camera work.

The team also designed and incorporated additional digital elements into the theatre such as lamps, lights, chandeliers and the neon sign that appears at the back of the stage. Even these elements that comprised so many meticulously-detailed assets had to work in tandem with the film’s overall aesthetic, selling the concept and the idea rather than trying to out-shine what was captured on location.

“It was important that we added just the right amount of VFX flourishes to realize James’ vision of these two girls becoming increasingly brilliant magicians,” commented William Bartlett. “The early tests we did and the scans we were able to take from the set were really key in everything coming together the way it has. It’s a really lovely film and I enjoyed being a part of it.”

The final edit is complemented by a color grade performed by Simon Bourne, which is rich and vibrant and adds an extra element of magic to what’s already an incredibly engaging Christmas ad.  

Talking about the project, Helen Hughes, head of advertising at Framestore, said: “We love working with James Rouse. His storytelling and performances are always exceptional and coupled with ambitious and beautiful visuals. Our team excelled on this project and I can't wait to see the reaction to it now it's out in the wider world.”