Enter the World of 'Ready Player One' with NVIDIA Holodeck
Stanley Tack, NVIDIA
March 28, 2018

Enter the World of 'Ready Player One' with NVIDIA Holodeck

You can’t see Steven Spielberg’s much anticipated action-adventure movie Ready Player One until it hits theaters worldwide.
But you can journey to the film’s dystopian universe of OASIS early at the GPU Technology Conference, in San Jose.

GTC attendees can get a sneak peek of Ready Player One with NVIDIA Holodeck, a VR collaboration platform that brings people together from around the world in ultra-realistic virtual experiences.

The company has partnered with Warner Bros and HTC VIVE to showcase Holodeck’s collaborative VR experience using 3D assets from Ready Player One. Players are transported to the year 2045 and “Aech’s basement,” where, in an escape room-style experience, they join a quest in which solving one puzzle triggers the next. Teams that work together to complete the challenge within the set time will find their fortune.

Combining physics with natural interactions, NVIDIA Holodeck creates a virtual world that looks and feels real to players, who can interact with virtual objects while exploring richly detailed scenes. It imports complex, detailed models consisting of tens of millions of polygons in real-time VR, making it the perfect environment to showcase the cinema-quality assets of Ready Player One.

Beyond Gaming Experiences
The dazzling world of Ready Player One inside Holodeck makes for a more immersive gaming experience. But Holodeck’s applications don’t stop there.

Its advanced rendering and collaboration capabilities make it a powerful platform for content creation. Designers can import models directly from their design applications into Holodeck without compromising on details, visual quality or real-time interactivity.

Content creators can stage virtual worlds and interact with digital objects like they would with physical props. Producing, directing and shooting in VR will enable greater flexibility and creativity in the content creation process.