Purple CG Monster Stars in Monster.com Spot
October 4, 2017

Purple CG Monster Stars in Monster.com Spot

NEW YORK – KBS, MJZ and The Mill joined forces to create an epic, 50-foot purple monster for Monster.com’s latest campaign.

The spot, directed by multi-award-winning director Matthijs Van Heijningen, is a metaphor for the job process, a little daunting, but Monster will be there every step of the way until you find the right fit.

The monster is an anthropomorphization of Monster.com – he’s in the corner of job seekers as their champion and equalizer, by helping to smash through the (many) challenges they may face in the workplace. He knows you deserve better, and will stop at nothing to help you find it.

Monster.com believes that everyone deserves a job they enjoy, and also recognizes that we often settle for less. The “Saved by Monster” campaign is an effort to bring humanity and care back to the job market so we can find the jobs we deserve. The campaign’s tagline is, “Get the Job You Deserve.”

The Mill’s CGI team built a full muscle system under the monster’s fur in order to simulate the weight in his body whilst moving. This heightened the level of realism in the character’s movements and interactions. 

The team meticulously crafted each wrinkle, pore and hair, which were carefully simulated to interact with his surroundings, from lighting to wind changes.

The spot features several fully CGI environments, including streets, alleyways and office spaces, which are seamlessly integrated with live action shots captured in Toronto and augmented to mirror the streets of New York with matte paintings and digital assets.

The spot can be seen at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCBpxKEHRNk.