Music Fans Experience an Epic Journey with The Chainsmokers' Paris.VR
October 2, 2017

Music Fans Experience an Epic Journey with The Chainsmokers' Paris.VR

As part of Sony’s #LostInMusic series of events, Grammy-winning duo The Chainsmokers wanted to create a special VR experience their fans could really relate to.

They worked with creative agency Ralph and leading games and interactive entertainment studio Kuju to take fans into a new musical world, allowing them to experience the track “Paris” in a relevant and unique way. “We wanted people to experience the song differently every time they listened to it. That was our goal,” explains Chris Hassell, Ralph Founder. The teams also wanted to take the listener into the head of band member Andrew (Drew) Taggart, allowing them to remix the song with him and take away their own interpretation of the track which, for a fan, is super special.

The experience was featured at a number of events around the world, including the SXSW festival, and at some of the Sony Square public space set ups in the U.S. and Japan. But this presented a unique problem, as Brynley Gibson, Kuju Head of Studio, explains: “We knew a lot of the players were going to be people who had never experienced VR before, and maybe had never even held a controller. So it became a matter of exploring how many ways we could use just the gaze of a player to interact with the world – and that was something really exciting.”

Unreal Engine allowed Paris.VR designers to try multiple complex ideas very quickly, and ultimately allowed viewers to easily drive the content in real time. By combining popular music, high-end visuals, and real time interactivity, Paris.VR delivers a memorable, intimate journey for Chainsmokers fans. The project’s success has been officially recognized, with the experience now up for awards at the VR Awards and the Raindance Film Festival. 

The VR Awards celebrate outstanding achievements in the international VR industry. Taking place in London on October 9, Paris.VR has received a nomination for “Most Creative Use of Marketing in VR.” And at the prestigious Raindance Film Festival, also held in London from September 20 to October 1, Paris.VR is being recognized in the “Best Branded Experience” category.

Available now on the PlayStation Store, Paris.VR is a fantastic example of all the key elements converging to create a truly special musical experience.