Carbon Partners With Gorilla & Amway To Clear The Air
July 20, 2017

Carbon Partners With Gorilla & Amway To Clear The Air

NEW YORK — Carbon ( recently created a 1:13 video that illustrates the power of Amway’s Atmosphere Sky air purifier. The video support a narrative crafted by production agency Gorilla.
“We saw great potential for some dramatic cloud imagery, some great photoreal environment modeling and lighting, and some interesting camera framing and transitions, especially when seeing inside the unit,” says executive producer Phil Linturn. “Gorilla was very happy to incorporate some of our creative solutions and additions that accentuated the inherent beauty of the premise.”

During the production process, Carbon’s nimble team of artists began by creating style frames, storyboards, and animatics, before modeling, texturing, and animating everything we see on the screen. Carbon utilized cutting edge tools, including, Fume FX, 3DS Max, Houdini, and Nuke to execute the final mesmerizing, cloud covered Atmosphere Sky spot. 

“We worked with an incredibly tight team of just two core artists working for the duration, bringing in a third for additional modeling/texturing work, and then a fourth for the final lighting and rendering stage,” Linturn explains.

Carbon faced challenges such as creating a photorealistic CG environment and smoke effects that were both dramatic and convincing. Linturn says that Gorilla’s resounding support helped result in a smooth production process. “The close contact with Gorilla, and the short lines of communication with the client quickly became one of the most appealing aspects at the start of this project,” he adds. “Gorilla knows their client well, and they had complete faith in Carbon, which made us feel confident to take creative risks and offer new suggestions. Gorilla creative director Ross Vande Waa and his team were extremely collaborative to work with, and always encouraged us at any stage throughout.”

“This was our first time partnering with Carbon on a project and it was a great experience,” Vande Waa notes. “Right away we felt like our teams aligned well and that our collaboration would make for not only a successful end product, but also an enjoyable process. After presenting the concept and rough storyboards, we quickly found ourselves on common ground as far as the vision for the piece and immediately began looking for ways to further refine it. Carbon’s expertise and willingness to go the extra mile built a high level of trust that we’d found the right partner, not only for this project, but hopefully for many more to come in the future.”