Mill+ Powers Energizer's New Bunny
October 13, 2016

Mill+ Powers Energizer's New Bunny

LOS ANGELES — After 27 years of drumming across television screens, the Energizer Bunny is getting an updated look. 

Camp+King worked with Mill+ and director Robert Sethi to put a modernized spin on the Energizer brand in a series of CG spots. The commercials revisit the design of the well-known Energizer Bunny, but kicking up the animation while retaining elements of his foundation as an animatronic puppet. The two spots - PowerSuit and  Fluffy Tail - bring more of the character’s personality to life than ever before.

“There are few advertising icons that are as famous as the Energizer Bunny, and while we kept his shape familiar, I'm excited to present him in new detail, and having him show up in more mediums,” says Camp+King partner and CCO, Roger Camp. “The executions we've done so far are just the beginning, as we have a bunch of new ways we're going to be rolling out the Energizer Bunny over the next few months.”

Mill+ set out to strike a balance between a realistic and stylized look, a process that would heighten the Energizer Bunny’s physical appearance and performance range. The visual effects and design team conducted a variety of animation tests to establish the way in which he’d move about the scene. The also built a brand new set of plush CG fur, and lit the character model to maintain his realism once composited into the CG environments. His range of motion was also extended to give him more room to express himself.

The spots can be viewed online at:
Energizer ‘PowerSuit’:
Energizer ‘Fluffy Tail’: