Whitehouse Post Cuts Details Film 'Rebel'
May 29, 2015

Whitehouse Post Cuts Details Film 'Rebel'

Editor Kate Owen of Whitehouse brought her expertise to a fashion film for Details that takes viewers on a stop-motion tour through New York’s underworld.

In the short “Rebel,” a cast of paper cut-outs stomp their way through intricate miniature sets created by director Lacey. 

To achieve the unique look of the film, models were filmed with a high-speed strobe to capture their movement in a series of stills. From there, Lacey and her team painstakingly cut out over 500 small paper models and filmed them in diorama sets. 

Working only with footage shot in camera, Owen blurred the line between editor and animator, seamlessly arranging the still pieces into a series of electric scenes set to a beat-box soundtrack.