3D Artwork Illustrates Spring-Related Moments
April 9, 2015

3D Artwork Illustrates Spring-Related Moments

It's likely this won't come as news to you, but there has been a major shift in moods around the world, as we have officially entered the better half of the calendar (and year) - yep, it's finally spring!

Even if it's only on paper yet, we're brimming with happiness. And hey, if the thought of heavenly good weather, frisbee parties and no coats doesn't excite you, you clearly need to review your priorities in life. So having experienced a full spectrum of positive emotions, CGTrader has revisited its gallery to illustrate some spring-related thoughts that have already crossed their minds.

Square by Krivulya Andrew. It's only been a short while since Spring sprung, but many are already planning their summer holiday.

Souther ground hornbill by Leandre Hounnake. When you steal a quick look at the mirror and smile to yourself, thinking, "I'm so fabulous today."

Winery shop by Krivulya Andrew. Celebrating a first date with vino.