3D Artists Create Spine-Tingling War Models
February 11, 2015

3D Artists Create Spine-Tingling War Models

CGTrader  gave its design community of more than 125,000 members an open canvas to create 3D images for one of its most popular categories.  

If an army of demonic goblins from another galaxy descended on our planet earth tomorrow and called us out into battle, with no doubt these troops would make our super army....

1. Old Walking Robot by Roman Makarenko. 

Go big or go home. The rage of this seasoned warrior would drive fear into Voldemort himself. 

What the author says: 3120 year. After a long war, the world was plunged into darkness, people are trying to survive. The old walking robots programmed to destroy all life, roam the world in search of goals

Animation: Roman Makarenko, Alina Makarenko

Software: Maxon Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects 

2. Born in the North by Ekaterina Pushkarova.

The war through a veteran's eyes is a haunting nightmare. 

What the author says: “Born in the north…” done in ZBrush: modeling, polypainting, lighting, rendering, and some final editing in Photoshop. Detail from the concept art and trading game card that I’ve done for the “Order & Chaos Duels.”

Software: Pixologic’s ZBrush 

3. Ambush by Maciej Drabik. 

No battle is without consequences, but these bad -boys should help reduce the damage. 

Software: Autodesk 3ds Max, Adobe Photoshop CS 

4. Black Phoenix Project (day3) by Vitaly Bulgarov. 

Battles are not won with words; they’re won with weapons. Secret, tricky, and in this case, smart machinery. 

What the author says: "Black Phoenix Project” is an ongoing concept design exploration centered around the idea of a fictional robotics corporation that develops its products in a not so distant future. It’s a playground for both, experimental entertainment designs ideas as well as for more grounded in reality concepts. It is a personal project and a collaboration with photographer Maria Skotnikova, whose HDR Environment Maps and photographic backplates provide realistic lighting as well as the environmental context for the following designs. 


5. Daiichi by Hasan Bajramovic. 

Of course, a human touch is also necessary to secure a victory. A touch of a STAR samurai dressed in weapons to the teeth will ensure it. 

What the author says: Character that I’ve been doing in my spare time. STAR - Special Tactics and Rescue unit was formed as a response to ever growing need to end the conflict before it expands to a bigger region. This unit has 13 members each trained in a different style of martial arts. They hold an intensive and rigorous selection process. Each new member has to undergo full-body screening to evaluate both mental and physical strength. Those who make through undergo a final medical examination and are put through intensive training in both martial arts and military tactics. Each member is trained in fighting style that is best suited for them and is given a wide choice of weapons to pick from. Aside from the standard fire arms they all get to pick a melee weapon. They can choose from bladed to blunt weapons that include swords, staff and daggers. STAR Units are fitted with a custom armor that is built to enhance their predisposed abilities. Daiichi ( 第一 - first, number one) is the leader in this unit. He excels in the art of sword and his hand to hand combat skills are hard to match. Combination of power and speed that is enhanced by his suit gives him a perfect balance and makes him a tough opponent to beat. 

Software: 3ds Max, Chaos Group’s V-Ray, ZBrush 

6. The Fiddler by Don Bradford. 

The Iron Man on steroids. 

Software: Unknown 

7. Assassinate by Guan Wun Wang. 

Whilst the rest are shooting his or her way through the enemy lies, the rest are assembling to protect. 

What the author says: In the quiet of the night, as usual, a group of black-hooded ninja approaching women silently. This is the beginning of combat. 


8. F4F by Matheus Sampaio. 

A couple dozen pairs of deadly eyes in the sky is a must. 

Software: Unknown 

9. Fire Dragon by Jose Lazaro. 

A super army must consist of at least one fire dragon. It’s a necessity. 

What the author says : A tribute to the mystical military Japanese history that I felt in love when I visit Japan two years ago. 

Software: 3ds Max, Autodesk’s Mudbox, V-Ray, ZBrush 

10. NKS Heavy MK V by Richie Mason. 

What army could stand a chance against demonic goblins from another world without genius RobCop? 

Software: ZBrush, Photoshop 

11. Black Phoenix project (day8) by Vitaly Bulgarov. 

A mountain of steel, bullets and secret weapons to stand against alien technology is key to protecting human kind. 


12. Assassin by Jiyeon Joo. 

Here’s a fun fact: Not anyone can become an assassin. For example, showing forgiveness is heavily frowned upon. Hence, they make perfect addition to the super army. 

Software: 3ds Max, ZBrush, V-Ray, Photoshop 

13. Battlefield by Dragos Jieanu. 

It's all up in the air. 

Software: 3ds Max, Photoshop 

14. Barbarian by Igor Catto. 

The insensitive and barbaric nature of this beast could squash our army like a fly; therefore, it is crucial to make sure his loyalties lie with us. 

What the author says: Project I started in 2013 with the great Rafael Grassetti! It was created using ZBrush and 3ds Max, rendered inside V-Ray. 

Software: ZBrush, 3Ds Max, V-Ray 

15. Constantinople 1453 by Jose Daniel Cabrera Peña. 

Drawing inspiration from the greatest masters of defenses who protected the walls of Constantinople. 

What the author says: Final assault on the walls of Constantinople 1453. Ottoman side. 

Software: Unknown 

16. Dioptase Colony by Tamas Medve. 

When crossing the bridge means crossing this army – there is no way back. 

What the author says: When I started this project I just wanted to do some aerial shoots about a sci-fi city just for practicing, but during the modeling, I just figured out a small story and finally the project ended up like what you can see. 

Software: 3ds Max, V-Ray, Photoshop 

17. Defcon Zero by Johnson Ting. 

Dressed to impress. Style is also a weapon of choice. 

What the author says: New piece! Another one for Defcon Zero on trying out a movie poster composition :D Very fun exercise! 


18. Nemesis by Eugene Gittsigrat. 

A wonderful sight amongst the scary realities of battle. Even though, equally deadly goddess, who punishes the demons for their sins. 

What the author says: Nemesis - the winged goddess of retribution, punishing for violations of social and moral norms. 

Software: Autodesk’s Maya, Pixar’s Renderman, Sitnisati’s FumeFX, The Foundry’s Nuke 

19. Browning M2HB by Alex Iartsev. 

Ain’t nobody got time for little guns. 

What the author says: New fully operational model of Browning M2HB machinegun. I will add other detailed views and exploded diagram later. 

20. Future war by Steve Burg. 

The Clash Of TITANS. 

What the author says: This was a concept painting done while I was employed at EA. It was done for the "Command and Conquer " series of RTS games, as an inspirational piece showing a very different style and overall feel to the subject matter. Ultimately it was decided to stick with the established style, which was far less gritty and much more playful in tone. But I always liked this illustration for its own sake, so I'm posting it here. The entire image was painted in Photoshop, although I did incorporate a 3D render of some tires which I blended into the little trucks. Yes, I know it's cheating... I'm going to shift my focus back to generating new artwork - as opposed to digging through the archives - but I've enjoyed posting some of the art done over the last few years, and I'm sure on occasion I will continue to do so. 

Software: Photoshop 

21. The albino veteran orc commander by Patrik Karlsson. 

A zombie version of THIS IS SPARTAAAAA! 

What the author says: Personal project merging World of Warcraft and Lord of the Rings. Lots of thought behind every polygon on this guy. His left side is more functional for battle while his right side is more of a trophy area. I wanted the orc and the items to look weathered and quite battered. His very thick skin needed to feel old and wrinkly, no six-pack but still very strong - an older and bigger Orc then most. I wanted all the items to feel proper sized in relation to each other and to him. He has lost site on his left eye and has some what melted face/ear on that side as well, that and missing a part of his left pinky are a few indicators that he has been into quite a few battles. He has an anvil reinforced with metal stick as a weapon because I recon that might make sense to an orc. First smash things with it, then repair things with it then repeat. One of the bigger challenges while designing him was to make sure that he would be functional in movement while being quite armored. As a result he is very mobile, I did skin every object on him (1250+) making it possible to animate and pose him easier. 


22. Soldier 414 by Omar Aweidahmaya. 

A futuristic twist on Special Forces. They are not only badass fighters, but are also trained to not only identify and treat bacteria but also tend to people’s teeth. That’s one force you cannot afford to not have in your arsenal. 

Software: Nuke, The Foundry’s Mari, Photoshop, Solid Angle’s Arnold 

23. Helion by Tamas Gyerman. 

A beast James Bond would be jealous of. 

What the author says: After the Vulture project, I would like to grow the numbers of Starcraft’s great vehicles redesign topic. Next one is the Helloin. 

24. Lost VillageTrooper by shtl. 

The modern brave-hearts, the bomb squat, the ultimate troops 

Software: Cinema 4D R12, Advanced Renderer 3, ZBrush4, Photoshop CS5 

25. Knight01 by Choi Myunghyun. 

Oh, him? This is the knight in shining armour that every army needs. To dazzle the enemy, if it comes to secret guns. 

Software: 3ds Max, ZBrush, Nvidia’s Mental Ray 

26. M4 Vltor by Jonathan Fletcher. 

Say hello to a soldier's little friend... 

What the author says: Every 3D artist gets one! At some point in our lives that lightbulb in our head comes on we say to ourselves “you know what the game art world really needs? Another M4!” Well here’s mine! 

Software: 3ds Max, Xoliul Shader 

27. MAB 01 M61 A1 Guardian by Eryk Pajewski

Only during the encounter with this soulless cyborg you can learn the real meaning of "dancing with the devil". 

Software: 3ds Max 

28. Ninja by Eugene Lisunov. 

The functions of the ninja include espionage, sabotage, infiltration, and assassination, and open combat in certain situations. These skilled agents move like shadows and prove to be extremely useful in uneven fights. 

29. Mech Furio by Tedeschi. 

Cyborgs make reliable troops: no emotions and no survivors. 

Software: ZBrush, Photoshop 

30. Orion 03 Thunderstorm Rising by Markus Vogt. 

Imagine undercutting this beast in a line... 

Software: Cinema 4, DAZ 3D’s Bryce, Photoshop 

If you’re looking for some amazing styles in multiple genres, take a look through CGTrader.com, where you can reach out directly to these amazing designers.