University of Western Ontario Delivers Video Lectures Thanks to StorTrends
October 3, 2014

University of Western Ontario Delivers Video Lectures Thanks to StorTrends

NORCROSS, GA – The University of Western Ontario is further investing in StorTrends’ high-performance storage appliance to deliver continuous availability for videotaped lectures offered online to the Western student community.

Using StorTrends hybrid rack-mount storage array, the Canadian university has optimized the storage, playback, sharing and replication of its growing library of video assets.

Since 1878, the “Western Experience” has combined academic excellence with life-long opportunities for intellectual, social and cultural growth in order to better serve its communities. With 82 main campus buildings and a full-time enrollment of over 22,000 students, Western attracts individuals with a broad worldview, seeking to study, influence and lead in the international community.

Recently, the university identified and responded to the desire of students and faculty to videotape lectures and make them available online to the Western community. 

To achieve this, the school needed a new media server and a combination of increased storage capacity and performance in order to store, playback, share and replicate the video. The university had already been using two StorTrends 3200i's in a virtual environment for nearly seven years with great success.

"When I started here there were already two StorTrends 3200i's that had been here for about four to five years," said Clint Bourdeau, Network Systems Specialist, University of Western Ontario. "They ran flawlessly, untouched for about two more years. I didn't even have to reboot the boxes. I really paid very little attention to them. So, when it was time to add storage for our video project – I was already looking  in StorTrends' direction."

Bourdeau found the StorTrends array offered expansion capabilities up to 256TB – just what was needed for the university's video project. The new StorTrends solution was subsequently integrated into Western's infrastructure with active/active and active/passive configuration support.It delivers extreme throughput capabilities and true enterprise-class performance along with WAN optimization, automated data tiering, and thin provisioning features. As a result, the university now has a solution to meet its demands for lightning-fast, highly reliable and highly functional storage for its video streaming needs. 

It is also expanding the StorTrends solutions utilization to include centralized file storage support for its Hyper-V environment and snapshot backup for data recovery processes.