Framestore Makes Robinsons in Zero Gravity
April 11, 2014

Framestore Makes Robinsons in Zero Gravity

To celebrate the launch of SQUASH’D, Robinsons and creative agency Iris Worldwide challenged Framestore to prove the drink really can be made anywhere by mixing it in zero gravity.

So unlike when making Gravity, which saw us simulate the effects of weightlessness with our feet firmly on the ground, we took a trip up in a Go ZeroG plane to capture it for real.

The film was directed by Framestore Creative Director Mike McGee and the production team was led by David Hay. “The challenge from Robinsons was definitely daunting,” says McGee. “When we were inside the 'vomit comet', things got out of control pretty quickly: bits of our equipment floated away, cables floated up in front of the camera, cameras pointed in the wrong direction and the crew spun around uncontrollably, feeling nauseous.”

A team of eight went up on the plane with a Go Pro camera each and two high-speed cameras shooting at 2K to allow Framestore to slow down and zoom in on the all-important mixing shot. “With only 12 takes to get everything we needed and only 15 seconds of weightlessness at a time, it was a formidable task, but as you can see, we managed it!” says McGee.