Feast: Food Styling
Barbara Robertson
November 26, 2014

Feast: Food Styling

 In the animated short film written and directed by Pixar's Patrick Osborne, food is used to drive a story about the relationship between a single guy and his dog, and how everything changes when a woman enters the picture.

“We brought in a food stylist to talk about what makes food look appealing on camera,” says Osborne. “She makes sure every layer is visible so you can see all the flavors. So we created our food in layers.

“We also used warm or bright lights when we wanted the food to look appealing, and added steam,” Osborne continues. “When we wanted it to look disgusting, we used cool light.”

Every Friday at Pixar was “Feast Friday.” 

“We would eat something from the film and look at footage,” Osborne says. 

We hope you enjoyed this tasty morsel. If you are hungry for more, see the in-depth look at this short film in the November/December 2014 issue of CGW.