Blur Studio Brings Skylanders Trap Team to Life in Campaign
October 16, 2014

Blur Studio Brings Skylanders Trap Team to Life in Campaign

CULVER CITY, CA — The characters and world of Skylanders received the "Blur Studio" treatment in two new 30-second commercials produced by critically acclaimed ad agency 72andSunny for Activision.
With CG sequences helmed by Blur's Oscar-nominated director Jeff Fowler, "Inside the Trap" and "Trapping Kaos" feature an exciting new visual scope to bring Blur's special brand of high-octane storytelling to the imaginative world of Skylanders .

72andSunny Creative Director Tim Wolfe notes, “Both Blur and 72andSunny are built around collaborative cultures so we were all quick to jump in together, start laughing and shape where we wanted the project to go from the outset. It made for amazing sessions where everyone had a voice, egos were left at the door and we were all only interested in making the best video humanly possible.”

The spots can be seen at:;

“Working with a tough little veggie warrior and a powerful super-dwarf armed with Traptanium-infused hammers spurred our creative energy to create something like none other. We had a blast bringing a little mayhem to the world of Skylanders, where we built a village and staged a cinematic battle scene between Gulper and Food Fight,” explaines Fowler.

Adds freelance Creative Director Michael Bryce, “The Skylanders brand is built on the idea of ‘bringing toys to life.’ Working with Blur gave us an entirely new way to look at the characters and what they were capable of.” 

Fowler and his team of 30 artists completed CG material for both spots in less than two months. 

“They took an already rich and fun world of Skylanders and turned up the volume helping us make something truly unique and ground-breaking for the category,” says Wolfe.