A Storage Solution 'Promise'
September 25, 2014

A Storage Solution 'Promise'

HSINCHU, TAIWAN, and SON, THE NETHERLANDS – One Direction knows music, and PageBoy Films knows video. Both found common ground with a media storage solution.

One Direction is one of the most popular boy bands in the world – their latest album was the fastest and biggest selling of 2013. A key component of One Direction's success has been their creative approach to interacting with their fans through both social media and exciting videos and movies. A music and entertainment channel in the UK, 4Music, got up close and personal with One Direction as they hung out with the artists and filmed the show House Party

PageBoy Films, founded by professional video editor Jim Page, was chosen to work with One Direction on House Party based on his expertise and technical knowledge of SD, HD and 4K workflows. A key piece to PageBoy's success has been the adoption of new technologies, including the Promise Pegasus2 with Thunderbolt 2. Pegasus2 is a hardware RAID 5/6 storage solution that is revolutionizing the workflow of creative professionals by offering the incredible performance demanded by the likes of One Direction.

With the growing popularity of shooting in 4K, Page needed to upgrade his hardware to keep up with the advances in filming technology. Having used solutions from Promise Technology for over five years, Page once again trusted Promise, and turned to its Pegasus2. 

Page was set to edit a rapidly increasing amount of 4K video for TV documentaries, promos, short films, and music videos, and recently purchased a new Mac Prowith Thunderbolt 2 as he needed a faster system. 

When looking for a storage solution to pair with the Mac Pro, Page invested in the Pegasus2 because of Promise's reliability, customer service and reputation as a global leading developer of solutions for the media and entertainment industry. Before Pegasus2 and Thunderbolt 2, Page struggled when working with 4K video, but he has now seen huge improvements in his productivity with his new solution -- which provides him more time to deliver the highest quality content to his clients.

"The throughput of Pegasus2 and Thunderbolt 2 has revolutionized my workflow," noted Jim Page, founder of PageBoy Films. "Being able to edit 4K video in full quality is a complete game changer and probably increases my productivity by 30-40 percent."

"Simplifying how creative professionals work by providing them with tools that open the possibilities for new experiences is what Pegasus2 and Thunderbolt 2 are really about," said John van den Elzen, managing director, Promise Technology EMEA. "These attributes have led to Pegasus2 being recognized as a leading storage solution for video editors who are the top players in the industry -- covering famous bands like The Rolling Stones and One Direction."