Hollywood HD Stock Video Footage Company VideoFort Applies Amazon’s Newest Technology
June 4, 2013

Hollywood HD Stock Video Footage Company VideoFort Applies Amazon’s Newest Technology

HOLLYWOOD, CA — VideoFort has become the first all-HD and Ultra HD stock footage library to offer unlimited royalty-free downloads to its members. VideoFort built its expansive stock video platform of nearly 100,000 HD video clips to accept and distribute Ultra HD 4K footage.

Film producers, video makers, and motion designers, as well as marketing creatives, advertising and PR managers, and web designers are discovering VideoFort as a unique source for unlimited royalty-free downloads of exceptional quality HD stock footage. "The offer in itself is pretty cool, and the quality of HD and Ultra HD 4K video content VideoFort members can now access is unprecedented," said Steve Gatena, founder and president of VideoFort.

Beyond VideoFort's HD and Ultra HD video library, this Silicon Beach start-up is innovative for technology it implemented, as it built its business from the ground up. The tech supporting this innovative new media company is built by Amazon.

"With Amazon's new suite of web services, we have all of the tools we need to automate processes and operate our stock footage company remotely. We have unlimited storage and unlimited computing power at our fingertips. We can optimize the user experience based on our visitor's location. Everything is open source. It's the most ideal technology for our business," said Gatena.

VideoFort's Amazon-powered infrastructure allows them to run virtually everything in the cloud: transcoding, media management, product delivery, and more. This Silicon Beach new media company is truly revolutionizing the lean start-up model and by making use of inexpensive modern day tools like Amazon S3 and EC2 they are beginning to disrupt an already unstable media industry.

"One of the key benefits Amazon has given us is the opportunity to replace up-front capital expenses with low variable costs that scale. Prior to this, we were actually building our system on an inferior platform through a different provider (not Amazon). Now that we've switched to Amazon, we can focus almost all of our resources on creating the best stock video assets in the world. And as you can see by our products, that's exactly what we are doing. Amazon lets us focus on what we are best at, which is creating the greatest video footage on the planet." Gatena said.

While Amazon handles the complexity of providing the technologically sophisticated structure that VideoFort needs to operate its ecommerce platform on, "VideoFort can focus on the complexity of producing some of the best video content on the planet," Gatena said.

"At VideoFort we are constantly experimenting with new architecture and trying to find ways to improve the user experience. With AWS it's very easy. We can come up with something new, test it out, implement it, and if it doesn't work we can switch back. Because of our ability to scale up dynamically, we aren't wasting money and we can cover our costs as we go," Gatena said.

VideoFort launched on May 21, 2013. Annual subscriptions start at $79 per month and include unlimited stock footage downloads as well as free VFX templates and free filmmaking tutorials. For more information, please visit VideoFort.com.