CG Behind the Rhythm of 'Love Is Lost' Music Video
November 19, 2013

CG Behind the Rhythm of 'Love Is Lost' Music Video

After releasing his self-directed clip on Halloween, David Bowie's official music video for the complete 10-minute remix of “Love is Lost" takes viewers into a world of computer graphics.

Directed by Barnaby Roper, the music video premiered exclusively on Vice. The track, subtitled the "Hello Steve Reich Remix," is remixed by LCD Soundsystem mastermind James Murphy, and is a handclap and synth-driven re-imagining taken from the expanded three-disc edition of Bowie's comeback album, The Next Day.

Director Barnaby Roper follows up Bowie's sinister narrative with a mesmerizing VFX-heavy visual epic. Opening with the kaleidoscopic image of disembodied clapping hands, a parade of images something like a moving Seeing Eye poster begins to unfold. Lines and geometric shapes oscillate and shape-shift into arrangements that nearly resemble constellations, suitably tracked to the song's cosmic-disco beat. At the video's 5-minute mark, the glitchy pixels reveal the first dose of realism with the close-up of a human eye, and then another. Distorted graphics morph to assemble something halfway-human; slowly revealing the 3D composites of limbs, detailed faces, and finally, the form of a nude couple holding one another in an intimate embrace.

The video can be seen here.