We Are Art
July 24, 2012

We Are Art

Mekanism and MassMarket teamed up to create a 3D masterpiece that is truly fine art, for Art.com. In the spot, titled "We Are Art," the viewer enters the world of several classic paintings through the expert VFX work of MassMarket's creative team.  
Inspired by Mekanism's concept, MassMarket created 3D versions of well-known iconic art, such as Claude Monet's WaterLilies at Giverney,  Jack Vettriano's   The Singing Butler, Alfred Eisendstadt's V-J Day Kiss,  Roy Lichtenstein's   M-Maybe, and a painting from Van Gogh's Wheat Field series. To do this, the MassMarket team created 4K or larger matte paintings based on the initial artwork to allow for dramatic camera motions and to extend the scenes beyond the scope of the original material. In the case of the Wheat Field by Van Gogh, they created a composite painting using elements from a number of different paintings in Van Gogh's Wheat Field series to build a super landscape that enabled the camera to fly through a vast mountain landscape and back over the famous field.  

In each scene, MassMarket incorporated new material to create the world outside the edge of the frame.  These scenes were then modeled out and animated in Autodesk Maya and Softimage.  The Softimage scenes used particle systems to capture the incredible detail in the brushstrokes and textures, matching the original styles of the paintings, whether Monet's Impressionism or Van Gogh's Post-Impressionisti approach. For the famed Eisenstadt V-J Day Kiss, the kissing couple were re-created with live-action photography, and then the background was built out using additional matte painting.  

All of the final compositing was completed in the Foundry’s Nuke and included CG layers while integrating and speed-ramping the live-action plates in order to create the seamless transitions.  

Watch the video at: http://www.interdubs.com/r/massmarket/?al=UDxebd0&an=KyNBfo