Union Creates Invisible Effects For 'Hyde Park On Hudson'
December 11, 2012

Union Creates Invisible Effects For 'Hyde Park On Hudson'

LONDON — Union Visual Effects supplied over 100 shots to support the story for “Hyde Park on Hudson” (a 2012 Focus Features film) as the sole visual effects vendor.
Union’s co-founder Adam Gascoyne took on the role of overall visual effects supervisor for the production.

The visual effects included detailed set extensions and compositing. The main set extension work was on the house belonging to the film’s heroine, Daisy Suckley. This was realized as a partial set build, with a CG extension to the upper story.

“The set extension was designed as a cost efficiency from the outset,” explained Gascoyne. “This allowed the production to save on practical construction costs by only building what they needed for the actors on set.”

Union worked closely with Production Designer Simon Bowles and his team on the initial development of the CG build, which the crew at Union then took all the way. Other visual effects work included day-to-night transformations, which were designed to resolve logistical challenges with filming at night.

Tim Caplan, visual effects executive producer, said: “Union is proud to have created the visual effects for ‘Hyde Park on Hudson’ and, in particular, to have produced work that not only fit seamlessly to help tell a believable story, but also helped keep production budgets efficient.”

He added, “During the project, we developed a great work flow using Maya, Mari and Nuke, which allows us even greater opportunities to deliver stunning creative work in the future, while achieving maximum productivity for our clients.”