UPS Spot Calls For Stop-Motion Techniques
February 29, 2012

UPS Spot Calls For Stop-Motion Techniques

BROOKLYN — Ogilvy/NY called on Charged Studios ( and director Adam Pierce to create a new Web spot for UPS that combines live action and stop motion animation techniques to promote the delivery company’s new My Choice service. My Choice provides customers with package information electronically, turning the old practice of using paper notices into a “dinosaur.”
UPS My Choice opens in a kitchen, where a breeze from a window scatters a stack of UPS Info Notices. The notices transform into a tiny origami T-Rex, who explores this modern environment.

Charged Producer Mike Landry guided the project from concept to completion, initially tapping storyboard artist Tom Connor to help put director Adam Pierce’s vision into pitch form for Ogilvy. Adam Miller was brought on to lead the team of fabricators in armature and puppet design. Lead animator Pete Levin, along with assistants Peter Blank and Esther Casas Roura, completed the animation team.

Richard Coppola employed his motion control rig to capture the counter top adventure at close range. Director of photography Mike Eder worked along side Coppola. The spot was shot on three separate stages at Charged using Canon 7Ds with Nikon lenses. The 7D’s ability to shoot both 1080p live action and high res digital stills made it well suited for the job.  

The blending of live action plates with the stop-motion puppet was achieved in Adobe After Effects. Editor Andy Harmon used Final Cut Pro for all final comps.

Massive Music created the spot’s original music and Charged Studio’s Daron Murphy handled sound design.