Loyalkaspar helps launch Longhorn Network
November 9, 2011

Loyalkaspar helps launch Longhorn Network

NEW YORK — Loyalkaspar, with locations in NYC and LA, was recently called on by ESPN to help launch the Longhorn Network, a brand new 24/7 sports network that centers around the athletic programs at the University of Texas.

The package needed to reflect the spirit of the university’s fans, as well as the unique flavor of Austin, TX. The studio came up with the concept of a massive trophy case, which would reflect both past games and traditions, as well as the present. The city of Austin and the UT campus also served as its inspiration. 

Loyalkaspar took textures from the sides of buildings, old barns, the UT stadium, and the UT Austin campus, and built signage inspired by the eclectic Austin aesthetic.

With raw materials in hand, the studio set out to build a UT-branded trophy case where everything was branded Longhorn. Actual game footage was camera-tracked and used as reference for camera animations, resulting in a style that felt dynamic and organic. Footage and still photographs were rotoscoped to serve as trophies.