Bon Appetit Serves Up Delicious Digital Signage with Matrox
February 1, 2011

Bon Appetit Serves Up Delicious Digital Signage with Matrox

Montreal, Canada – Bon Appetit has employed the Matrox TripleHead2Go external multi-display upgrade as part of a complete digital signage solution. With Triplehead2Go, the company is able to showcase dynamic information across multiple digital screens, influencing customer purchasing decisions for superior sales results.
Bon Appetit is one of UK's leading food service providers, with brothers Paul and Rob Manzi heading the firm's operations to ensure that more than 50,000 construction workers are served daily, nationwide. Despite Bon Appetit's established success, Paul and Rob looked to improve upon their long-used static menu boards with a modern digital menu system for the building site at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The Challenge
Bon Appetit was selected as the exclusive catering firm for the Stratford building site, the heart of the upcoming 2012 Summer Olympic Games. Planning for such a high-profile client, Paul and Rob Manzi wanted to bring a fresh look to the restaurant, one that moved away from the traditional light box menu displays to a more dynamic digital restaurant menu system. The eye-catching platform would not only fit nicely with the restaurant’s modern ambience, but give restaurant managers the flexibility to modify prices and menus in order to maximize profitability.

The Solution
Bon Appetit chose Signature Digital Menus as their new menu board partner, a company with an already accomplished list of quick service restaurant (QSR) deployments to a wide range of businesses and organizations. Signature Digital Menus would provide the complete solution, from planning and installation to content design and ongoing support.

Examining the needs of their new client, Signature Digital Menus leveraged the expertise of several of their partners for the new installation. First, Beaver Solutions was brought in to build the creative content, working closely with Bon Appetit to ensure that their products were accurately represented. Next, digital signage specialist Scala provided a software management solution that would allow Bon Appetit personnel to easily control what, when, and how the digital menu information would appear on the screens.

To complete the digital menu board solution, Signature Digital Menus used Matrox TripleHead2Go external multi-display upgrades to power three displays from a single system. Connecting directly to the system's video output for an effortless multi-monitor set up, this solution provides Bon Appetit with an affordable, yet highly-effective system to display the latest menu information and specials across three monitors at resolutions of 1360x768 per display.

"The Matrox TripleHead2Go units are an invaluable asset to delivering high-quality video signals for the digital menu boards," says Peter Critchley, director, Signature Digital Menus Ltd. "We're very impressed and pleased with the continuing reliability of these multi-monitor solutions."

The Result
Signature Digital Menus fulfilled on their promise by delivering a complete digital menu board system and allowing Bon Appetit to meet their project goals. The dynamic displays fit in seamlessly with the restaurant's new layout and design, but more importantly, the digital menu system provides Bon Appetit with the necessary communication platform to realize their full sales potential.

"Digital menus enable us to be able to put up new dishes and change prices at the touch of a button, and since we've had the digital menus, it seems that we’re able to dictate our best selling products,” says Rob Manzi.

With their new digital menu board technology, Bon Appetit is now able to integrate multi-display digital signage into any future installation, all the while providing the high-quality food and service that they're known for across construction sites in the UK.