Alibre Design Contest Winners Display Unique Innovation Combined with High Quality, Marketable Concepts
March 25, 2011

Alibre Design Contest Winners Display Unique Innovation Combined with High Quality, Marketable Concepts

Richardson, Texas - Alibre, Inc. has announced the results of the 2010/2011 Alibre Design Contest, a competition open to the public to find the best designs created by Alibre Design 3D CAD software. Hundreds of creative submissions were received and reviewed based on a variety of factors, including model complexity, manufacturability, creativity and use of Alibre Design’s features. Competitors entered the contest simply by posting images and background information about their design on Alibre's community showcase site, Members of the Alibre Design online user group were then encouraged to vote for their favorite designs, creating an opportunity within the user community to recognize the best examples of design innovation.
With voting ending earlier this week, Alibre is proud to announce the first-place winner of the 2010/2011 Alibre Design Contest, “The Pennsylvania (MM2) Tourbillon watch,” created by Benoît Barbé, Roland Murphy and Rich Baugh of RGM Watches. The Alibre-designed timepiece has captured the attention of the world’s watch making industry, as it is the first American-made tourbillon (French for “whirlwind”) in a series to be introduced and manufactured in the U.S. An extremely complicated and precise undertaking, the addition of a tourbillon to a watch ensures maximum accuracy by negating the effects of gravity in mechanically driven watches. Its intricate mechanism is often showcased prominently on the watch. This ultimate luxury timepiece has a list price of $75,000.

“The submissions received this year were of the utmost quality, with creativity reaching a new level from each of the entries,” said Paul Grayson, chairman and CEO of Alibre. “The vast variety of submissions continues to grow each year with original designs representing nearly every industry and category. From advanced building cooling systems and Star Trek-inspired chess sets to a sophisticated Tourbillon watch that rivals anything produced in Geneva, to the world’s most advanced 100 mile per gallon auto, we continue to be impressed with the collective creativity, ingenuity and design excellence from the community of loyal Alibre users.”

Additional 2010/2011 Alibre Design Contest winners included:
  • Runner-up (mechanical): Lunchbox Mold by Sebastian Finke of ECA Product and Mould Design CC

  • Runner-up (non-mechanical): “Star Trek” or Tri-D Chess Set by Hobbyist Neil Reed

  • Honorable mention: SGT02 100-mpg Race Car by Robert Mohrbacher of Mohr Composites  on behalf of WikiSpeed

  • Honorable mention: Pyrolysis Unit by Keith Nair

  • Honorable mention: Mobile Service Rig for oil and gas wells by Travis Hagglund of Korsa Engineering

All of the winning Alibre Design Contest entrants share a pervasive theme: they solve the challenges associated with bringing high quality, innovative products to market.

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