The Avatar Effect: 3DTV Awareness Grows Dramatically
January 19, 2010

The Avatar Effect: 3DTV Awareness Grows Dramatically

By Retrevo's Director of Content, Andrew Eisner

We suspected Avatar would be a groundbreaking 3D movie so we captured a snapshot of consumer interest in 3DTV before, and then after Avatar was released. This Retrevo Pulse study, asked consumers questions about 3DTV awareness and purchase considerations. The study found a significant increase in both awareness and readiness to buy a 3DTV after Avatar was released.
Apparently many of the consumers in this study helped Avatar break box office records as we saw a significant increase in the number of respondents who said they had seen a recent 3D movie. Whether it’s effective marketing or satisfied viewers telling their friends about Avatar, the rising Avatar boat will lift all 3D ships including 3DTVs.

3DTV Awareness Grew Dramatically
Before Avatar only 39 percent of respondents indicated they were aware that they may soon be able to watch 3DTV at home. After Avatar that precentage increased dramatically to 60 percent. All the buzz about 3DTV in the news coming from CES 2010 helped make that number higher.

More Consumers Are Ready to Buy 3DTVs
The study saw a 20 percent increase in the size of the audience who said they are ready to buy a new TV to get the 3D experience. That’s good news for the TV industry that is already enjoying healthy sales of HDTV sets.

Glasses Could be an Issue
The study also found that an overwhelming number of respondents (9 percent) said $25 dollars would be all they’d want to pay for a pair of 3D glasses with 65% saying $10 was their spending limit. Won’t consumers be surprised when they discover that an extra pair of active shutter glasses is going to cost around $30 or more?

Glasses can also be uncomfortable to wear and even though a small percentage of respondents complained the glasses at the movie house felt uncomfortable, that number almost doubled after Avatar was released. We suspect an entire industry will grow up around 3D glasses which should address these concerns.

Avatar and CES 2010 have done a lot to increase awareness and demand for 3DTV. With more 3D movies, sporting events, and games appearing this year, and consumers willing to buy a new TV to get 3D in their homes, it looks like it could be good times ahead for the TV industry. Thanks, James Cameron!