Cinematographer Infuses HD Video Assist System with AJA Ki Pro on Nordic Film
April 7, 2010

Cinematographer Infuses HD Video Assist System with AJA Ki Pro on Nordic Film

Grass Valley, Calif. - AJA Video Systems, a manufacturer of professional video interface and conversion solutions, announced that cinematographer John Christian used the AJA Ki Pro portable digital disk
recorder into a video assist package to record footage shot on ARRI 35MM film cameras for review on set, in full HD with synced sound.
The AJA Ki Pro portable, tapeless video recording device, was used together with the ARRI HD-IVS video tap to enable the filmmakers on upcoming release "Home for Christmas," to playback, record, store, and access film footage on set, and review high-quality HD video in context of the full shoot.

The Nordic film, "Home For Christmas" ("Hjem Til Jul"), from acclaimed director Bent Hamer, was the first feature film to incorporate the new video assist solution into its on-set production workflow. Cinematographer John Christian Rosenlund (who has shot more than 15 features) shot the film
on ARRI ST super 35mm film cameras and brought the ARRI HD IVS/Ki Pro solution into the workflow. "Home For Christmas" is in postproduction and scheduled for released in the winter of 2010.

On set, the filmmakers took the HD video generated by the ARRI HD-IVS system and fed it through the AJA Ki Pro to record high-quality Apple ProRes 422 QuickTime files. Ki Pro was also connected wirelessly to the sound department to capture synced sound, and the video was then played back on on-set monitors to enable in-context review.

"It's super important that when you shoot film you have the same tools, flexibility and efficiencies that you have with digital cameras," says Rosenlund. "Digital is very convenient on set, and the Ki Pro helped us get
some of that freedom. We can store beautiful images on a device that's easily accessible for all of us to review what we've shot. The Ki Pro's file system makes it very easy to move around, and even try things in Final Cut. It gives you the potential to collect metadata so you can easily store and catalogue files for simplified searching later on."

Rosenlund adds, "What I like about AJA is their understanding that their products are meant to be used in the field. They build them to fit the production environment. The Ki Pro is both rugged and practical."