Ansys Simulation Data Management Solution Drives Mann+Hummel’s Automotive Designs
December 7, 2010

Ansys Simulation Data Management Solution Drives Mann+Hummel’s Automotive Designs

Pittsburgh, Pa. – ANSYS is helping MANN+HUMMEL to access and reuse historical engineering simulation information for speeding the creation of innovative automotive designs. The German family-owned company has licensed ANSYS Engineering Knowledge Manager (EKM) technology, which manages the huge amount of data generated by computer-aided engineering (CAE) activities.
One of the world’s major automotive suppliers, MANN+HUMMEL faces data-related challenges as its simulation teams are distributed around the world and need to archive and access the computational fluid dynamics information they generate. The company uses CFD software from ANSYS in various areas such as the design of elements for air, fuel and oil filtration for modern fuel-efficient engines. Fluid flow simulations quickly calculate vital parameters such as pressure loss and filtration efficiency.

“Our organization chose ANSYS EKM because of its powerful simulation process, data management and collaboration capabilities,” said Dr. Martin Lehmann, head of Simulation Filter Elements at MANN+HUMMEL. “We have engineers in Europe and India who frequently need to collaborate in real time while performing CAE analyses. The capabilities of ANSYS EKM enable us to share simulation data very effectively across multiple locations. The product’s extensive data management capabilities make it straightforward for our engineers to organize and track multiple versions of files that are created during a typical design and analysis cycle.”

“As product development organizations realize the value of engineering simulation, they use it more and more — and so the need to manage simulation data and processes becomes more important,” said Dipankar Choudhury, vice president of corporate product strategy and planning at ANSYS. “Apart from enabling archiving and collaboration, ANSYS EKM helps organizations optimize the design workflow through more effective use of engineering simulation tools. This can result in a wide range of improvements, including enterprise standards for work procedures, consolidation and automation of best practices. MANN+HUMMEL is realizing these benefits with its use of ANSYS EKM.”