February 17, 2009

Superfad Gets in the Groove for NASCAR Campaign

Richmond, Va. - Superfad, which has collaborated with The Martin Agency on a number of projects, produced two NASCAR campaigns: one for the Sprint Cup and another for NASCAR Nationwide. Each campaign was as distinct as the two NASCAR Cups, but the two were united with an excitement and intensity for which NASCAR is known.
For the Sprint Cup campaign, Superfad and The Martin Agency took existing NASCAR footage to intense new heights, a process which involved designing a special look and treatment for the disparate video sources that, according to Superfad creative director Will Hyde, "would push the campaign to an epic place." This approach included extensive rotoscoping, color correction, and environment replacement. Audio also played a crucial role.

In "Dogfight," which follows the intense game of pursuit and evasion between two NASCAR drivers, a highly edited conversation between a downed fighter pilot and his commanding officer replaces the dialogue between Driver and Spotter. Overall, the campaign sought to carve out vignettes that highlight the relationships that exist between driver, team, opponent, and the tracks, where the core action takes place, reveals a representative. Meanwhile, Superfad's NASCAR Nationwide team, led by art director Will Johnson, delved deep into R&D to produce a 3D chalkboard pastiche, the agency-developed metaphor for the up and comer track.

"NASCAR is so colorful, so it was interesting to do away with hue and focus on the elements and line," says Johnson, who pushed for explosive edits and dramatic camera moves within the chalk drawing animations. High-speed macro shots of crumbling chalk were married to CG simulations to merge the real and digital.

Both campaigns were mindful of never wavering from authenticity, knowing viewing fans would wave a proverbial red flag to anything that strayed too far from the truth of the sport, even as presented in interpreted realities. In the end, the work produced honors the intricacies of the sport and its participants, while wowing viewers with the NASCAR's Intensity, says a representative.

Client: NASCAR
Client location: Daytona Beach, Florida
Topic: Sprint Cup Series and Nationwide Series
First Run Date: 2.15.09
Medium(s): TV: SD & HD
Ad Name(s): Dog Fight and Tracks- Launching for Daytona (More spots to

Agency: The Martin Agency/Richmond, VA
Creative Director: Cliff Sorah
Copywriter: Mark Billows
Art Director: Randall Hooker
Account Supervisor: Brad Higdon
Account Executive: Sharyn Ferran
Agency Broadcast Executive Producer: John McAdorey
Agency Assistant Producer: Samantha Woolard

Production/VFX/Animation: Superfad
Superfad Credits for Sprint Cup Series ("Dogfight").
Executive Producer: Rob Sanborn
Senior Producer: Chris Volckmann
Creative Director: Will Hyde
Art Directors: David Viau, Eric Edwards
VFX Supervisor: Dade Orgeron
Animators/Compositors: Justin Pae, Paulo Diaz, David Holm, Jance Allen
3D Animator: Tom Oakerson
Simulations Artist: Phiphat Pinyosophon
Editor: Josh Bodnar

Superfad Credits for NASCAR Nationwide ("Tracks")
EP: Kevin Batten
Producer: Danielle Hazan
Art Director: Will Johnson
Designer/Animator: William Campbell
Technical Director: Yates Holley
3D Animator: Bryan Cox
3D Animator: Tim Kadowaki
Animator: Sandy Chang
3D Animator: Ian Mankowski
3D Animator: David Clayton
Compositor: Miles Kinghorn
Compositor: Shawn Berry
Compositor: Don Kim