Image Metrics' Facial Animation Puts The "Boom, Boom, Pow" in New Black Eyed Peas Music Video
June 11, 2009

Image Metrics' Facial Animation Puts The "Boom, Boom, Pow" in New Black Eyed Peas Music Video

Los Angeles - Image Metrics, a provider of facial animation services and technology to the entertainment industry, has animated futuristic faces of the Black Eyed Peas in the recently released video of lead single, "Boom Boom Pow," from the upcoming album, The E.N.D. Motion Theory, producers of the video, turned to Image Metrics to animate the stars' faces into fluid and metallic alter-egos that add an elegant digital edge to the look of the video, reveals a representative.

"The 'Boom Boom Pow' music video evolved significantly as we refined our ideas and developed new techniques, so it was crucial to have a supportive partner like Image Metrics to help us deliver the project on time and on budget," says Mark Kudsi, co-director of the video. "Since Image Metrics doesn't require markers or makeup to produce facial animation, we were able to use footage directly captured from our original shoot, eliminating any lost time from shooting separate effects shots. With the facial animation Image Metrics produced, we were able to achieve the balance of realism and digitalism we wanted for the video."

Motion Theory provided the CG models and video footage of and Fergie performing "Boom Boom Pow." Five animators, two trackers, and two riggers from Image Metrics rigged the models, conducted performance analysis of the video, and then transferred the resulting animation data onto the CG models to produce a total of 73 seconds of facial animation for the video.

The concept for the facial animation in the "Boom Boom Pow" music video depended on being able to still distinguish the performances of Fergie and within the effect. Thanks to its proprietary facial animation technology and rigging services, Image Metrics was able to ensure the CG faces moved exactly like the artists.

"Image Metrics facial animation is derived from the actual performances of the talent we're animating, making us a perfect fit for projects where directors want to execute a visual effect, but ensure that the talent is still recognizable within the digital magic," says Patrick Davenport, film and TV executive producer. "Our facial animation technology can promptly transform real-life performances onto digital models with astounding precision, and our expertise in facial animation rigging helped to ensure the digital faces in the 'Boom Boom Pow' music video were able to respond seamlessly to the animation data for the recognizable results Motion Theory was seeking."