April 1, 2009

Click Helps Build An Interactive CG World For Go Army

In collaboration with MRM and Smuggler for the U.S. Army, Click 3X and ClickFire Media designed and animated interactive elements for A World Like No Other, a CG military base complete with marching squadrons, tank battalions, and screen-shaking Apache helicopter flyovers. The Click team provided the 3D animation to transport visitors through and across the base in an immersive, full-motion journey, combining life-like graphics with MRM's interactive hotspots linked to live-action webisodes enhancing the realism and depth of the online experience. Each hotspot identifies the on-base location of key members of the Army team, from Special Forces and field artillery to military police and astronauts, while the corresponding live-action pieces provide the back story and support explaining their crucial roles in the Army.
These transitions through the animated base and into the webisode locations are the key components to the site's cutting-edge multi-sensory action and showcase the future of integrated online experiences.Click's team of designers and animators collaborated to enhance and enliven the interactive footage for seamless integration provided by MRM into the multimedia site. The dirt-ridden, rough look and feel of the visuals helps fully capture the exhilarating base experience, inspired by actual military locations in Kentucky and Colorado. \

Commenting on the overall process, Creative Director Steve Tozzi explains, "This project is an excellent example of how tight integration with several contributors to a large site like goarmy.com can really be effective. Working on different ends of the creative process, we were all really challenged to develop distinct animated elements that complement each other and build a strong, exciting mood, but that also flow flawlessly into one cohesive, immersive experience. "Together, the Click brands have worked to continue to push the boundaries of what's creatively possible delivering both innovative animation, design and immersive campaigns for several high-profile brands including MTV, Verizon, and Motorola to name a few."