June 23, 2008

Zoic Studios Helps Get Smart with VFX

Los Angeles - Zoic Studios was one of the lead visual effect houses for the Warner Brothers movie, Get Smart.
Zoic completed roughly 60 shots including the iconic "corridor of doors" scenes. For those sequences, the film's stars, Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway, were shot on a green screen stage. Zoic then created the virtual, photo-real hallway environment, including the floor, walls, animating doors, and ceiling.

The Zoic team also created the stylized Warner Bros. Village Roadshow satellite sequence which opens the movie and crafted a virtual environment in the Paintball sequence, which begins inside a paintball gun as the paint bullet is fired, and tracks with the bullet until it hits the targeted agent (shot practically). Other key scenes include creating and animating a CG audience for the "Disney Hall" sequence. Zoic was supervised by the production team of Joe Bauer, vfx supervisor, and Mark Soper, vfx producer.