June 23, 2008

Postique Helps JWT Team Detroit with Ford Campaign

Southfield, Michigan - Postique recently completed telecine, finishing, and audio post services on more than 20 regional commercials for Ford's "Town to Town, Friend to Friend" campaign on behalf of JWT Team Detroit. Postique is a division of Grace & Wild Inc.  
The "Town to Town, Friend to Friend" commercials are an extension of the popular 2007 Ford campaign, "Swap Your Ride." For this particular promotion, Ford and JWT Team Detroit producers added a new twist by identifying competitive owners to test-drive Ford vehicles and asking them to "hand-off" the vehicles to a friend for additional test-drives. This model made it possible to gather both the experiences of the main participants, as well as document their shared experiences in evaluating the vehicles.
Nonfiction Films of Santa Monica, California served as the production company, based on their previous collaboration with Team Detroit on the "Swap Your Ride" campaign. Director Jessica Yu and executive producer/owner of Nonfiction Unlimited Michael Degan captured high definition video of 180 participants and 30 vehicles in Windsor, California, and Marietta, Georgia, over the course of three months. Each of the participants was brought to a central location to receive their vehicle and state their initial reactions. The participants test-drove their vehicle for a week and were joined for a day by a small crew to document their experience in the real world. Finally, they returned the vehicles and were interviewed one last time to record their final impressions.
Upon returning to Detroit, JWT Team Detroit called upon Postique to provide telecine, finishing, and audio post services for more than twenty :30 commercials, in both English and Hispanic versions. A dozen long-form Web videos for www.fordvehicles.com and a half-dozen radio commercials featuring participant audio were also completed. 

According to senior writer Tiffany Moy-Miller, "Postique was chosen because they are a trusted partner, one we work with on a regular basis. Editor Larry Puskar is good, fast, and brings many creative finishing touches to the cuts and graphics"

Moy-Miller continues, "It's always great to utilize companies that are in town. But, more important than that, we need to find the right companies to work on each project. Luckily, Postique is right here. Where we are. Where our clients are!"

Contributors included Ford Division Retail Marketing Manager Brett Wheatley and Retail Communications Manager Kim Cape; JWT Team Detroit executive creative director Toby Barlow, creative directors Mike Priebe and Todd Chumley, senior art director Mike Johnson, senior writer Tiffany Moy-Miller, executive producer Carole Gall, producer Bob Rashid, account director Scott Kavanaugh, and management supervisor Kristin Naimi. Famed photojournalist Taro Yamasaki documented the participants for the corresponding print and point-of sales materials.

Postique contributors included director of telecine Eric Maurer, senior colorist John Cathel, associate colorist Chuck Klatt and film assistant Kevin Roberts; senior editor Larry Puskar and assistant editor Nancy Hodges; and senior audio engineers Darin McGowan and Steve Serraiocco, and audio assistants Esther Nevarez and Jessica Glasson.