July 8, 2008

Hush and Nike Make a Splash

New York-based Hush collaborated with Nike to bring diversity of style and imagery to the iconic brand with a series of large-format images displayed in Niketown and NikeID stores throughout the United States and Europe.
The dynamic imagery is delivered directly to the consumer through two core concepts. In Splash, a blank white shoe stomps into a puddle of paint. In Stitch, a shoe is frozen in time as new layers and colors are sewn onto it. Both of these displays are paired with an expansive wall filled with Nike shoes in an array of styles.

In years past, NikeID was imaged via straight product photography showcasing some of the various shoe styles available. At retail centers, one could go to a Kiosk to create a customized shoe and that was the end of the consumer relationship with the process and brand. This time around, Nike opted to revamp the entire process by building a customization statement that traverses through the entire consumer experience from a visual, experiential, and services stand point.

“We were so psyched to work on this project. It was a great departure from the broadcast or commercial projects we’ve been working on recently, and allowed the entire studio to stretch their creative muscles,” notes Hush director David Schwarz.

Nike approached Hush to make an iconic statement that visually explains the customization process of NikeID to the consumer. It’s meant to be displayed in-store and with only still images, so Hush was charged with the task of bringing an inanimate object to life through concept and design.

Hush and Nike’s creative directors were able to give birth to a defining set of artful iconic images. Hush was able to evoke this concept through a single, dynamic frame. Hush’s team of designers was also able to hint at the endless amount of options that the NikeID service provides.

“Nike is the kind of company that continually strives to reinvent its image and reach millions through its brand identification. We relish the chance to work with such a company, aligning ourselves with the same chameleon-like qualities. In the diverse advertising community, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide a wide range of high-caliber work no matter what the project medium,” comments Hush director Erik Karasyk.

Client: NikeID Splash/Stitch
Creative Director: Heather Amuny
Design Director(s): Manny Bernardez , Scott Denton-Cardew
Producer(s): Chuck Patton, Lori Severson

Concept and Design: HUSH, NY
Director(s): David Schwarz, Erik Karasyk

Designer/Art Director: Laura Alejo
Designer(s): Jonathan Cannon, Doug Lee
Producer: Jess Pierik