May 30, 2007

Vizrt Benefits TV in Lebanon, Bahrain, and Egypt

Bergen, Norway - Vizrt, a producer of real-time 2D and 3D graphics system for TV, has expanded the use of its systems into new areas of the Middle East and Africa.
Vizrt, based in Norway, recently completed several extended projects with three television stations located in Lebanon, Bahrain, and Egypt. Vizrt systems also are deployed in Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Pakistan.  
Lebanon’s National Broadcasting Network (NBN TV) went on air March 1, 2007 with Vizrt’s Viz|Virtual Studio, a module that enables producers to enhance fixed sets and create simulated 3D studio environments, as well as Viz|Trio CG system, a real-time 3D character generator.
“Viz|Virtual Studio allows us to update our look or add a unique element of creativity to our programs without having to invest in periodic set updates or remodels,” says NBN CEO Kassem Soueid.
NBN Technical Manager Mohamad Daher added, “The intuitive and interactive features of the Viz|Trio CG system not only enhance our production value, they simplify on-air changes to graphics during any of our live programs.”  
Vizrt delivered a turnkey solution with Lebanon-based system integrator and Vizrt local representative Broadcast & Communication Systems s.a.l. 
Similarly, Vizrt collaborated with Montreal, Canada-based systems integrator Astucemedia on an election coverage project with Bahrain TV, the governmental network in Bahrain. Bahrain’s Parliamentary elections for the Chamber of Deputies or lower house of Parliament take place every four years.
Vizrt and Astucemedia designed a graphic solution for the network’s Arabic and English channels for both rounds of elections covering five administrative divisions and 40 constituencies within the Kingdom of Bahrain. In just three weeks before the first election round, Bahrain TV implemented a complete election solution using Vizrt 3D.
Bahrain Radio and Television News Center technical manager/engineer Yousif M. AL-Butti says, "The interactive features, the output quality, and the incredible art of animations Bahrain TV was able to use during our election coverage gave us tremendous flexibility to make on-screen changes. We plan to add more Vizrt applications to further develop our programs.”  
Vizrt also plans to work with Bahrain TV on a business channel in the future. 
Vizrt and Astucemedia also collaborated to produce a graphic turnkey solution for Beeaty TV in Egypt. Beeaty TV provides information on weather and the environment to its Egyptian viewers. Data from Storm Weather Center, the leading commercial weather service provider, was applied to Viz|Weather, a 3D and HD/SD real-time weather solution with visualization possibilities and easily accessible, accurate weather data. Astucemedia provided the station’s graphics design. The system allows Beeaty TV to control, switch, and manipulate graphics and animation, driven by weather data, in seconds.