May 31, 2007

Carolina Panthers Score First Vision Production Switcher

Iroquois, Canada - Ross Video announced that the Carolina Panthers have invested in the first Vision 3 multidefinition production switcher for stadium game-day applications.
At NAB2007 in Las Vegas, the Panthers chose the newly launched Vision for its features, HD capability, and Ross’ reputation in the sports stadium market. 
The Vision Series is Ross' next-generation multi-definition production switcher, handling standard and high-definition formats. The five new models, ranging from 1 to 4 M/Es, include: the Vision 1 MD, Vision 2 MD, Vision 2 MD-X, Vision 3 MD-X, and Vision 4 MD-X. 
Vision is modular and all models share a common platform and common set of modules. The use of RGB buttons results in a new look and allows personalization of Vision's control panel. Vision offers a new DualDisplay color touch screen, allowing the operator to view and control two menus simultaneously. 
A long list of other enhancements includes built-in manuals, Linux-based OS, and integration with the OverDrive control system. 
Ross continues to offer the Synergy SD (standard definition) and Synergy MD (multi-definition) production switchers along with the new Vision Series.