September 24, 2007

Brickyard VFX Lights Up The Night in Sprint Spot

Santa Monica, Calif. - Artist owned-and-operated effects boutique Brickyard VFX completed work on another spot for Sprint. The ad, "Light Trail," uses a similar light-painting motif featured in the current broadcast, print, and outdoor campaign for Sprint via Goody, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco. 
Following a trail of light through dimly lit time-lapse tableaus, the viewer hops onto a bus, then travels down a flight of stairs, through an outdoor café and past a busy promenade of shops with passers by and a fire-breathing street performer. The light trail continues up the side of a skyscraper and into a corporate board room, where it bounces across the conference table, exits the building, and crosses the street to the front of a movie theatre where the light beams into the mobile phone of a woman receiving a call. The voiceover plays over the final sequence, "getting the signal you want at the speed of light, that's Sprint speed."

The spot closes with 22 different end tags, each tailored with an evening time-lapse view of the specific city in which the spot is being broadcast.

Brickyard VFX effects artist Mandy Sorenson participated on location in Vancouver to supervise the spot VFX.  While all the light trails were shot in camera, cleanup and compositing was required to give the commercial a polished look. The light trail effect was achieved by having a person dressed in all black run the flashlight through shots that were filmed with long exposures. Brickyard's work involved painting out the individuals driving the light trails in select shots, compositing multiple layers in several of the scenes, and shooting time-lapsed photography of Phoenix and San Bernardino for the regional end-tags.

Project Credits:

Client: Sprint

"Light Trail"

Agency: Goodby, Silverstein and Partners Creative Director: Franklin Tipton Broadcast Motion Graphics CD: Randy Stowell ACD - Art Director: Paul Stechschulte ACD - Copywriter:  Roger Hoard

Producer: Jennie Lindstrom

Account Director: John Weber

Account Manager: Julie Evans

Asst. Account Manager: Danielle Krasowski


Production Company: Smuggler, Hollywood

Director:  Snorri Bros

Line Producer: Bart Lipton


Visual Effects Company: Brickyard VFX

VFX Supervisor/Lead Compositor: Mandy Sorenson Lead Compositor: Patrick Poulatian Compositor : Narbeh Mardirossian

Colorist:  Keith Hamm

Online Artist:  George Fitz

Executive Producer:  Kirsten Andersen

Producer:  Cara Farnsworth

Editorial Company: The Whitehouse

Editor: Kevin Zimmerman

Post Producer: Justin Kumpata