July 13, 2006

Visual Effects Society call for submissions

For the first time, the Visual Effects Society's Festival of Visual Effects will include

an ongoing showcase that will highlight examples of the best visual effects work being done by international artists. This year's festival will be held July 6-8, 2006, at the famed Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood.

The VES invites professional artists and effects facilities outside of the US to submit samples of their work, with an emphasis on work from their native countries. Understanding the challenges of creating effects for local markets and the unique perspectives and techniques that individual artists from these markets display will be one of the highlights of the showcase.

Although 3D CG animated work can be submitted, the VES makes a distinction between visual effects and digital animation, preferring to focus on the use of visual effects, and all of its attendant techniques, both digital and traditional, for this showcase.

Submitted sample reels should ideally contain both final shots as well as behind-the-scenes or very short "before-and-after" sequences (5 minutes or less) so the work can be fully understood and appreciated.

Reels should be broadcast resolution (720x480) and be submitted in digital format (Quicktime or AVI format) or on DVD-R NTSC. Please do not send entire features.

Submitting parties are solely responsible for the truth and accuracy of all information on the reel and must warrant that they are in fact primarily responsible for creating the submitted work.

Additionally, the VES will use any or all of the samples at its sole discretion and will not be able to return the samples sent to VES. The deadline for submission of materials to the VES is June 19, 2006.

All materials submitted to the VES will be considered cleared only for the following uses:

Screening by the VES staff for the purposes of surveying the scope and nature of visual effects work being performed by international artists and facilities;

Screening by VES members and attendees of the 2006 Festival of Visual Effects as part of an illustrative montage of international visual effects work; and

Archival purposes.

For more information and a submission entry form, please visit the Visual Effects Society Website at www.visualeffectssociety.com. (Also see
"Visual Effects Society announces 2006 Festival of Visual Effects.")