July 11, 2006

NaturalMotion endorphin used to create realistic chaos in Poseidon

NaturalMotion Ltd., developers of 3D animation technology based on Dynamic Motion Synthesis (DMS), today announced that its endorphin software was used by Giant Killer Robots to create several character animation sequences for "Poseidon," a Warner Bros. Picture film.

In several of the film's sequences, endorphin characters served as digital stunt doubles interacting with numerous characters and objects in chaotic circumstances that would have been challenging and dangerous to produce using key frame or motion capture technology. Giant Killer Robots also used endorphin on one of the nightclub sequences to simulate hundreds of pieces of furniture, props, and people interacting dynamically while the ship capsizes.

endorphin uses DMS, a technology based on artificial intelligence controllers that imitate the human nervous system. Unlike conventional animation techniques such as key-framing or motion capture, endorphin's DMS technology uses the CPU to simulate the brain and body of 3D characters, which allows animators to synthesize human movements in real-time. This approach produces directed and fully interactive 3D characters that essentially animate themselves with real-life movements that are unique every time. For more information about "Poseidon," please visit www2.warnerbros.com/poseidon.

Some of endorphin's customers include Sega, Sony, Moving Picture Company, The Mill, Giant Killer Robots, CIS Hollywood, Namco, Konami, Zoic, Blitz Games, and Tigar Hare Studios.