Focal Press Releases New Titles
January 25, 2010

Focal Press Releases New Titles

Boston, Mass. - Focal Press, a division of Elsevier, has announced the publication of End-to-End Game Development by Nick Iuppa and Terry Borst, in addition to The Video Editor’s Guide to Soundtrack Pro by Sam McGuire and David Liban.
End-to-End Game Development by Nick Iuppa and Terry Borst provides a process to take an independent game project from start to finish. In order to build a successful game, you need to wear many hats. Graphic artists, software engineers, designers, producers, and marketers all take part in the process at various (coordinated) stages, and the end result is hopefully a successful game. Veteran game producers and writers (Iuppa and Borst) cover all of these areas for you, with step-by-step instructions and checklists to get the work done. The book also offers a series of case studies from real Indy games that have been developed and launched successfully, and show exactly how the principles outlined in the book can be applied to real world products.

Nick Iuppa is one of the premier designers of interactive media. He has worked for Walt Disney Productions, Paramount Pictures, Hewlett Packard and Apple Computer among others. Currently, he is vice president and creative director for Paramount Digital Entertainment.

Terry Borst is a Writers Guild of America member with credits in feature films, episodic television, and videogames, including the award-winning Wing Commander III and Wing Commander IV. He has also taught screenwriting and multimedia design at UCLA, USC, the College of Santa Fe, the Banff Centre for the Arts, Moorpark College, and various conferences and workshops.

End-to-End Game Development
Nick Iuppa and Terry Borst
ISBN: 9780240811796
Pub Date: December
US PRICE: $ 49.95
EUR PRICE: € 36.95
GBP PRICE: £ 24.99

The Video Editor’s Guide to Soundtrack Pro by Sam McGuire and David Liban tells you how, why, and when you should perform certain audio postproduction tasks within Soundtrack Pro while editing your video in the Final Cut Studio suite. Intertwining video editing workflows with audio editing workflows for video editors using Final Cut Studio, it also describes in-depth the audio postproduction process as well as the specific tools used for editing and mixing audio within Soundtrack Pro. The final section is designed as an audio postproduction "cookbook" describing typical audio post scenarios with detailed workflows for dealing with them.

The book provides real-world workflows and step-by-step instruction on the basics of audio editing in STP, implementing sound effects, spectral tools and much more. Also included is a DVD containing both video and audio files, demonstrating surround sound, mixing procedures, and other audio editing processes. Included as well are project files with which you can refine techniques learned in the book.

Sam Mcguire is on the faculty of the University of Colorado Denver and has served at the Appalachian State University as assistant professor and director of the Robert F. Gilley Recording Studio.

David Liban has worked in the television and film business since 1987. He has produced and directed numerous independent productions. He is a professor of film and video production at the University of Colorado Denver where he teaches production and post-production. His films have been aired nationally on PBS as well as Israel and Australia. His film, Carhenge: Genius or Junk? was nominated for a regional Emmy in 2007.

The Video Editor’s Guide to Soundtrack Pro
Sam McGuire and David Liban
ISBN: 9780240811734
Pub Date: December
US PRICE: $ 44.95
EUR PRICE: € 32.95
GBP PRICE: £ 27.99