March 10, 2009

Immersive Education Initiative Launches European Events

London - The Immersive Education Initiative will launch its series of Immersive Education: Europe events in London next month. On April 23 and 24, the London School of Economics (LSE) will host the Immersive Education Initiative's London Summit, a special two-day event showcasing new and emerging virtual worlds, learning games, educational simulations, and related tools, techniques, technologies, standards, and best practices.
Designed for educators, researchers, and administrators, the London Summit includes presentations, panel discussions, break-out sessions, and workshops that deliver an overview of immersive learning platforms and technologies, such as The Education Grid, Project Wonderland, Second Life, Croquet and Cobalt, realXtend, Alice, Open Simulator (OpenSim), and augmented and mixed reality.

The per-seat cost of the two-day London Summit is £195 (pound sterling), or $275 U.S. dollars. Preliminary speakers and panelists include faculty, researchers, and administrators from The Grid Institute, Boston College, Loyola Marymount University, M.I.T. Media Lab, The Smithsonian Institution, Sun Microsystems, University of Essex (United Kingdom), realXtend (Finland), Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden), BalticGrid (Baltic states), Holon Institute of Technology (Israel), Duke University, Montana State University, University of Central Missouri, Southeast Kansas Education Service Center at Greenbush, Boston Media High School, and more.

In addition to showcasing new and emerging immersive learning technologies, a number of new Community Groups (CGs) and Technology Working Groups (TWGs) will be launched at the London Summit, including groups for: K-6 and K-12 educators and students; virtual world builders; assessment, evaluation and grading; psychology and mental health; and augmented and mixed reality.

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