Digital-Tutors Introduces Five Innovative Titles
September 14, 2009

Digital-Tutors Introduces Five Innovative Titles

Oklahoma City - Digital-Tutors, a provider of video-based training for artists in the computer graphics, animation, and visual effects industries, released five all-new training courses, including: Fusion Node Reference Library - Blur, Retopologizing Meshes in Maya, Texturing Game Props in 3ds Max and Photoshop, Toxik Node Reference Library - Filtering Nodes, and Aging Characters in ZBrush.
These latest releases provide nearly seven hours of project-based training and 43 lessons, including practical projects for learning how to use each Blur Node inside of Fusion; achieve high-resolution detail through intuitive workflows for building geometry in Maya; time-saving techniques for texturing assets in 3ds Max and Photoshop; essential tips for using each Filtering Node in Toxik; and simulate the effects of aging on characters in ZBrush.

Fusion Node Reference Library - Blur
Key topics and highlights: Blur Node; Defocus Node; Directional Blur Node; Glow Node - Filter Types; Glow Node - Tool Options; Sharpen Node; Soft Glow Node; Unsharp Mask Node; VariBlur Node; and Vector Motion Blur Node.

Retopologizing Meshes in Maya
Key topics and highlights: importing and preparing geometry; modeling the mouth and tongue; drawing out the face and brow; adding ears, teeth, and nose; setting up UVs; duplicating geometry and finalizing UVs; and transferring maps.

Texturing Game Props in 3ds Max and Photoshop
Key topics and highlights: beginning the UV layout on the shield; creating UVs for the trail and base; laying out UVs for the wheels; finishing the UVs on the carriage; creating UVs for the barrel assembly; putting together a cohesive UV layout for texturing; exporting UV reference images and beginning the textures; adding shading, dirt, and rust; integrating photographic images into the texture; adding and modifying the wheel and tire textures; adding the hand wheel and creating an opacity map; applying and viewing our textures in 3ds Max; and creating ambient occlusion maps.

Toxik Node Reference Library - Filtering Nodes
Key topics and highlights: Blur Node - Gaussian, Radial; Blur Node - Modulation; Blur Node - Vectors; Blur, Lens Blur Nodes - Output; Lens Blur Node - Blur size, Shape, Bloom; Lens Blur Node - Flares, Haloes; Median Node; Remove Dust Node - Global Detection; Remove Dust Node - Shapes; Per-Shape Detection; Remove Dust Node - Spacial Correction; Sharpen Node; and Unsharp Mask Node.

Aging Characters in ZBrush
Key topics and highlights: shaping the face to show age; sculpting age into the mouth area; adding age to the eye area; sculpting age into the neck; adding a variety of wrinkles to the eye area; adding different types of wrinkles to the mouth area; and sculpting fine wrinkles and skin texture.