May 15, 2008

University of Houston Researchers Bring Data to Life

Marshalltown, Iowa ­-­ To advance its mission of fostering and supporting collaborative interdisciplinary research, education, and training, the Texas Learning & Computation Center (TLC2) contracted with Mechdyne Corporation to design and build a 34-seat visualization theatre with 8-megapixel (MP) stereographic projection.

The new theater provides all the academic departments of the University of Houston, as well as partners from the community and industry, with the ability to collaboratively view and work with complex data and computer-generated imagery.


Located in the TLC2 facility on the University of Houston campus, the new theater provides large-scale immersive visualization capability based on Mechdyne's Beacon stereographic projection technology. The PowerWall 4K-S system includes two theater-quality Sony SXRD digital projectors, each with a resolution of 4096x2160.


Mechdyne's patented Beacon technology electronically shutters the two projectors to generate distinct left and right eye viewpoints, which are perceived as active stereoscopic images on an impressive 9x18.5-foot screen.


To make the imagery even more realistic, a real-time motion tracking system enables users to move freely in front of the screen and interact with the virtual images as if they were real objects. The display is driven by a 4-node PC cluster.