February 14, 2008

TurboSquid Announces FumeFX Essentials Training Tool

New Orleans, La. - TurboSquid, provider of royalty-free 3D models, announced FumeFX Essentials from Allan McKay, the newest training DVD on the FumeFX plug-in for Autodesk 3ds Max.   
Allan McKay is the director of Catastrophic, an acclaimed studio specializing in visual effects for Hollywood films. Allan worked on the effects in Superman Returns, Blade Trinity, Asylum, Paycheck, Day Breakers, Scooby Doo 2, and others. Allan has also been a guest speaker at conferences around the world including SIGGRAPH and Digital Media Festival, as well as teaching master classes to up-and-coming visual effects artists.  

This DVD, which includes over three hours of training, focuses on these key features:  
1.    Introduction to FumeFX and how the system operates
2.    Object interaction with FumeFX effects (Ground Breaking - low ground fog effects and pluming)
3.    Burning Paper (materials, fume fire, animated burn patterns)
4.    Campfire (fire and smoke look and tweaking to achieve a specific effect)
5.    Bubbling cauldron (falling dry ice style gaseous smoke effects)
6.    Explosions (giant explosion - tweaking the look and motion)
7.    Advanced Fuel interactions  

“This DVD covers a lot more in-depth material on fire and explosion effects than anything else available,” says McKay. “From shaders to procedural effects, this training is essential for anyone who wants to get professional results quickly with FumeFX.”    

FumeFX Essentials is available now from TurboSquid and authorized resellers for $59.95.