December 26, 2008

RTT USA Teams Up with Art Center to Launch Material Intersections Podcast

Pasadena, Calif. - RTT USA Inc. (RTT), a leader in real-time 3D visualization software and services for product design and marketing, has teamed up with Art Center College of Design's Color, Materials, and Trends Exploration Laboratory (CMTEL) to present a podcast that explores advanced thinking on materials and design. Access the podcast online at:
Material Intersections will connect the tactile and technical worlds in an inspiring format that combines narrative and rich visuals. The podcasts will explore a different material trend each month. The first podcast will examine how materials interact with light and human touch. In the future, the podcasts will feature interviews with designers who will provide insight on various materials they use during the design application process.        
CGW readers can access the podcast directly at:

Michele Hess, director of RTT's Material & Color Connection, and Marshall Hamachi, CMTEL's associate director, will lead the five-minute discussions. CMTEL opened in July 2006 to provide students with the resources needed to become better problem solvers, innovators, storytellers, decision makers, and ultimately leaders.
CMTEL's vision is to offer physical and virtual learning environments, including a samples library and rich media database, showcasing the latest color and materials technologies, as well as emerging global trends. The partnership with RTT helps CMTEL realize its vision by providing students with digital tools and resources. 
Upcoming podcast topics include: * Interactive * Everyday materials* Smart Materials * Artisanship * Sustainability * Slow Tech