March 2, 2008

Imaginary Forces' Tali Krakowsky Speaks at Ontario College of Art & Design

Toronto, Ontario - Imaginary Forces director of Experience Design Tali Krakowsky presented at the Ontario College of Art & Design as part of its annual "Faculty of Design Speaker Series," held at the OCAD Auditorium (100 McCaul Street, Toronto).

Using inspirations from projects across the world and work from Imaginary Forces, Krakowsky will discuss current trends in the fusion of design, technology, and architecture. Transformations in design thinking, inspired by emerging technologies and a fascination with storytelling, are changing the entertainment, educational, corporate ,and retail environments of the 21st Century. In her session, Krakowsky broke down interactive environments into their components: re-imagining content in motion, re-imagining media delivery systems, and re-imagining smart, interactive spaces.

Tali Krakowsky, director of Experience Design at Imaginary Forces, has been extensively involved for over five years in concept development and management of the division and its projects in both the New York and Los Angeles offices. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Design and a Master of Arts from UCLA's School of Architecture, with a thesis on interactive architecture.