November 25, 2008

Full Sail University Hosts Horror Film Director and Alumni Bousman

Winter Park, Fla. - Full Sail University welcomed Full Sail graduate Darren Lynn Bousman, acclaimed director of the horror film series Saw II, Saw III, and Saw IV, to its Full Sail Live facility for a live screening of his latest film, Repo! The Genetic Opera.
The screening was followed by a Q&A session for current students and faculty of the university, and also featured actor and co-writer Terrance Zdunich and fellow Full Sail graduate, Will Weyer, a flash developer and co-founder of the company Wiretree that produced the Repo! official Web site.

Repo! The Genetic Opera, was released in August 2008 and is distributed by LionsGate Entertainment and produced by Twisted Pictures, the same companies involved in the successful Saw series. The film is classified as a horror musical that depicts an epidemic that causes a biotech company to begin an organ financing program. The cast of Repo! consisted of opera superstar Sarah Brightman, who opened the 2008 Beijing Olympics, legendary actor Paul Sorvino, Anthony Stewart Head, best known for his role on the TV series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," Paris Hilton in the role of Amanda Sweet, and Zdunich, in the role of Graverobber.

Bousman, who has embarked on a college tour to promote the film, returned to Full Sail University where he achieved his degree in Film in 2002. With a projector donated by SWANK Audio Visual, the event provided an exclusive screening to over 200 students and fulfilled Bousman’s hope to share Repo! with future filmmakers who are eager to learn from his experience in the industry.

Dave Franko, program director for film says, “Watching Darren’s film and having the opportunity to hear him speak is not only an incredible lesson for our current students, but it is also a very proud moment for our faculty and staff. He is an inspiration to our students and a testament to our curriculum.”